Eckhart Seidel

Lawyer for labour law


Labour law
Dismissal protection law
Limited term law
Labour contracts
Assertion of contractual claims
Corporate constitutional law
Employment promotion law

Lawyer Eckhart Seidel is an expert in the field of labour law. As the legal assistant to industrial union IG BAU, he advises works councils during negotiations on company agreements, reconciliation of interests and social compensation plans as well as providing consulting services to union experts with respect to collective bargaining issues.
As the managing director of the inspection and consulting authority for Gebäudereiniger-Handwerk Berlin GmbH [building cleaning service trade], he has established Germany’s sole tariff-based employee collection service.
Eckhart Seidel has worked as a lawyer since 2005. He is active in all areas of individual and collective labour law. His clients include employees as well as managers, corporate consultants, public administrations, small to medium enterprises, works councils as well as social and political organisations.