Michael Lenke

Lawyer, mediator, specialist attorney for construction and architectural law


Construction and property law
Architect’s and engineer’s law
Corporate law
Litigation supervision
Conflict management and mediation

Lawyer Michael Lenke is a specialist attorney for construction and architect’s law, a mediator and an expert in all legal aspects of the planning, construction and real estate sectors. He has provided consulting services in this area for more than 20 years as a lawyer, in particular also for project development and infrastructural projects. As a mediator, Michael Lenke has concentrated on finding solutions for corporate disputes and conflicts in the construction industry before they go to court. As a lawyer with many years of intensive litigation experience, he is very familiar with civil procedures. At the beginning of his career, he worked as a lawyer for Linklaters Oppenhoff & Räder in construction and architect’s law as well as civil procedure law. At GSK Gassner, Stockmann & Kollegen, he was employed as a lawyer for corporate law and commercial property law. In addition to this, he has lectured on property law and real estate financing at IBS International Business School Berlin, University of Applied Sciences (state-accredited).


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