We offer commercial law consulting for your company from its initial founding and onwards as it grows, but also if you are purchasing a company or restructuring and reorganising one. Our core expertise lies in all economic areas with the following special areas of focus: corporate law, commercial law, labour law and general contract law. Your corporate needs and requirements in the construction, planning and real estate sectors are fully understood by us. We will gladly advise you during the implementation of well-planned contractual management and risk controlling. We maintain close contact to companies and work flexibly together with other advisers and specialists. Naturally we also provide consultation services throughout Germany and represent your interests anywhere in Germany. We also gladly perform debt collection.


Well-informed and experienced in protection against dismissal and limited term employment agreements, industrial constitution law, employment contract law and collective labour issues, we provide consulting to companies, employees and managers alike.

Planning and Building

We are very active in architect’s and engineer’s law as well as in private construction law. Our services include drafting and examining contracts, providing assistance during contractual negotiations and consulting throughout projects. We draft fee and warranty claims and also assert them in courts of law. In cases of amendments and complex remuneration settlements – infrastructural projects in particular – we can provide assistance. Our strength is our extensive knowledge and meticulous attention to the legally relevant technical and economical details of the construction business on the side of contractors and developers. We provide consulting and representational services throughout Germany.


We advise and represent our clients along the entire value creation chain and assert warranty and recourse claims in the supply chain from production to wholesale and retail. One of our special areas of expertise is providing consulting services to companies in the timber and building materials trades. With the many cases successfully managed at our longstanding legal practice, we have become highly familiar with the typical legal issues of this trade. Our clients in timber trade law include timber merchants in retail, wholesale, foreign trade, raw timber trade and veneer trading, brokers and agents, companies in the timber trade industry such as sawmills, planning mills, parquet flooring industry, builder’s merchants, manufacturers of construction materials as well as service providers in the timber industry.
We provide consulting services and conduct cases throughout Germany.

Real Estate

With respect to real estate investments, we will gladly prepare and examine the contractual terms (partnership agreements, purchase contracts, contracts for work and labour, lease contracts etc.). During the structuring phase, we can help to assess the property-based legal framework – if required, together with business and tax specialists. We provide assistance during the purchase and sale of buildings and property as well as foreclosures. We design the optimum economic use of property and arrange financial assistance for residential and commercial properties. In the field of property management, we largely concentrate on special cases of rental or condominium law. We will guide you in drafting and terminating leasing agreements for both residential and commercial rentals. We provide consulting and representational services throughout Germany.

Health, Social & Culture

We also gladly apply our expertise in areas that are not primarily profit-oriented and regularly consult companies in the social economy, culture and health sectors.